Short Stories

The Frustration
I remove my sunglasses to clear out the sweat dripping on my face. The shades themselves were half soaked in sweat and I could clearly sense an irritation creeping inside me. “He must be coming for me now”, I said to myself wiping off my face with a handkerchief. I hated my handkerchief being so wet. Read more.

The Flower and The Herb
It was the seventh consecutive day, seven days since the Gods of Rain made their first appearance of the season. It was rather a short appearance though, but an appearance none the less. Lisa could now feel the weakness in herself, her throat nearly dried, she found it hard to breathe. “Oh Gods, mercy, please, some mercy”, she begged. Read more.

The Black Beauty
I tightened the grip of my foot gear and rose back to feet. The look on my companion’s face said it all. He was afraid for me, no doubt he was. The affection we have been sharing for each other, over these months made the moment a little difficult, for him and for me. I held his hands gently in mine. Read more.

Its 9 O’clock in the morning, the sun is out and bright in the silicon city of India. Its only the month of February and it appears to me, the summers have pre released themselves in Bangalore, that too without showing a single trailer. I crib a little. This is can be a little annoying for guys like me who love the winters & like to bring on those multiple layers of clothing. Read more.

The Tiny Warriors
My tired pair of legs are moving themselves as fast as they can. The mind looks at them and says, “these pair have really got some good stamina”. The slippery and muddy surface below isn’t helping them much in my cause. I try to calm my fast pumping heart but I fail. I try again and I fail again. Read more.