Life in a leaf

Inspired from “The Last Leaf” by O’Henry.

Life in a leaf.jpg

It was a bright day, with the Sun shining to its fullest. It was his 32nd day away from home. Barefoot he walked from one place to another in search. He would touch the soil at each of these places and pick up some of it. He held it firmly in his left hand. It was on that 32nd day that he found what he had set out to find, peace. He found the tree and sat under it. He felt good. He didn’t know why, but he did feel good.

He touched the roots of the tree. It gave him serenity. He smiled. He had attained it, peace. He stayed there for the days to come, beneath the tree.

The Sun rays were getting stronger than ever. The leaves from the tree started to dry and fall. Day by day, the number of dried leaves increasing. He touched the roots of the tree. It was dying. He felt sad. He took a vow. He would protect the tree as long as he could. The tree gave him peace, it was his life now.

He started walking again, in search of water, for the tree. He returned after seven days. He saw the tree. It was not the same. The body had weakened. The tree just had one leaf left on it. His hopes were diminishing. He fed the tree some water and sat under it. A dried leaf fell upon his shoulder. He picked up the leaf and saw up, towards the tree. The last leaf had fallen. He let the soil in his hand slip. He let himself free from his body. He let his life slip away from his body.


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