A Night Trek to Narayangiri Hill, Jalamangala

Its 2 o’clock at night and me along with some of my friends were at height of 3845 ft, on top of a hill with cool breeze flowing around, under the beautiful and starry sky. Hmm.. the conditions does sound a little romantic, doesn’t it? 😉 Well that’s how exactly Narayangiri Hill, Jalamangala was when we visited there last Sunday.


It was a night trek that we took up from Bangalore on Saturday night, April 13, through the Bangalore Mountaineering Club. Jalamangala is a village that is around 85 Kms away from Bangalore. We started our journey with our guide Mr. Swamy, along with 15 other bunch of people at 10 PM from Bangalore. By midnight we there at Narayangiri hill, in the middle of a jungle, all ready to explore the place.

On top of the hill is a temple maintained by the villagers & a family also stays there. So due to this there were a few lights put up all along the top of the hill. But they won`t be enough to do a night trek & carrying a torch becomes a must here. We trekked for a little more than an hour with a couple of small breaks.  The trek is completely of beginner ‘s level but yes there are a few places where one needs to be a little careful. What makes this interesting is, you are trekking at night. 😀DSC04382

As I said earlier, on top of the hill was cold breeze and a beautiful, clear, starry sky. We later spent the night by chit chatting a little and sleeping a little. When we woke up early morning at about 6, our body and especially our teeth were literally trembling due to the cold. But thanks to the sun rise, that didn’t last long.

DSC04361Trekking down the mountain took us about 40 mins and after that we were to get our hands on Zummering. Zummering is a climbing technique through a rope, usually used to climb mountains. But here we were to climb a tree.

Zummering was the final part of our night trek and after that we headed back to Bangalore. Well this was one heck of an adventures trek I tell you, short and fully worth the time & money we spent on it. And yes, kudos to the Bangalore Mountaineering Club for a perfect execution. We are quite hopeful that we might go for more treks in future with them. 🙂

Zummering at JalamangalaOne could also trek to Jalamangala without the help of clubs like the Bangalore Mountaineering Club. But I tell you what, going to a trek through clubs makes it an easy affair. Bus booking, safety precautions, guide, sleeping arrangements and all other things are taken care of by the club. Oh yes, stuffs like Zummering was also possible because we went through a club. So if you are looking for a short, sweet & a little adventures trek, then Narayangiri Hill, Jalamangala is definitely worth giving a shot. 🙂

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