23 Years of Life !!

Yes ! I have just completed 23 years of the most beautiful thing I have known & experienced, and that`s LIFE !! Well I am not gonna bore you guys with a summary of what I did past these many years. No, not at all. I know that might turn out a little boring. So don`t worry, you may peacefully read ahead.

When I turned 22, the entire nation and all the Indians over the world were elated. Yes, they actually were. Must be wondering “why” right ? Haa. Well folks, no need to break your heads. Late night on April 2 2011, history was repeated for the Indian Cricket. India had just won its 2nd World Cup after a gap of 28 years. Definitely all Indians were filled with contentment that day.  And I had a bonus reason to be happy. Birthday plus the World Cup victory.

April 3, 2012 was the day that turned me to 23. And this time it was quite a different birthday and a bit more calmer one. Celebrated my first birthday of cooperate life. Actually the day being on a weekday, it was not possible to meet my close buddies. So most of time I spent was on phone calls. It kinda got little boring in the evening as I had left from work early & had nothing much do to. So I decided to spend some time in a nearby park. I have always loved doing this. There`ll be people, probably in their 60s, discussing politics, national issues and all. And then there`ll be small little kids. Totally innocent & totally lost in their own world.  You do get some peace, calmness from this hurried hectic life. Well at-least I manage to get some.

Late in the evening, when having my cup of tea I suddenly began to think about the school days. Celebrating birthdays in school was wearing colored clothes. Ya, we could give our uniforms a rest that day & flaunt our selves in the newly purchased garments. And then the entire class would sing “Happy Birthday” song and the guy/gal would distribute chocolates to everyone. My birthday comes in the summer season and by mid way of march, schools used to get closed for a 2 months long summer vacation. Hence I hardly got a chance of doing all that I just said above. But we used to have practical exams for subjects like Science & Physical Education. These exams were usually held after the theory papers. So luckily, for a couple of times, these papers were scheduled on April 3. So once I got the chance of celebrating my birthday in the science laboratory and once in a football ground.  Yeah, it was different, it was fun.

When I just sit back & look at the year that just passed by, a lot of things come to my mind. 23rd year of my life had many “First Time” stuffs. Like at the age 22, I got my engineering degree. At 22, I got my first job and then my first pay cheque.  Later, for the very first time, I could gift some thing to my parents. The sparkle of joy in my parent`s eyes was worth a watch. As the younger most member of my family, I was and I am still pampered. So they were delighted that their younger son had actually done something for them. All these moments come in ones life only once. You gotta cherish each & every bit of it.

During school days, I always wanted my birthday to be a school working day, so I could spend some time with friends. And now I wish they come only on weekends.  Haa, Life is crazy. Isn’t it ? Times do change, but priorities don`t.

All right Folks !! That`s all for now. Hope you all liked reading this piece.

Cheers !! 🙂


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